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Congratulations to Mr. Charles 'Chuck' Thompson
Recipient of the Darien Lions Club 2015 Humanitarian Award

Click here to view more about Mr. Thompson


Rationale for the Award:  
The Darien Lions Club is a service organization that is committed to serving not only the needs of the Darien community, but of individuals or groups who truly are in need of assistance.  Over recent years, we have taken a more “global” perspective, and our efforts have touched many who are not traditionally defined within the scope of Lionism.  In effect, we have become more of a humanitarian organization through this “global” perspective, and as such, see the need to honor those whose efforts have touched the lives of others despite their geographic locale.  In establishing this award, we bring attention to their efforts while also highlighting and reinforcing our mission as Lions.

A Humanitarian is someone concerned with the interest and welfare of humans, helping to improve their lives and reduce suffering. It is an ethic of kindness, benevolence and sympathy for others.

Awarded to a resident in the area served by the Darien Lions Club. This could incorporate the Darien, Woodridge, Westmont, Downers Grove and WIllowbrook, Burr Ridge and Clarendon Hills communities.

Given in recognition for the individual’s work and contributions to help people of any age from here in Darien, throughout the State of IIlinois or the world in need due to hunger, illness, physically impaired, mentally impaired, need for shelter, protection from abuse, or need for compassion.

Past DLC Humanitarian Award Recipient(s)

2014  -  Mr. Hank Anzelone


New Humanitarian Award Nominations:

Nominations for 2016 must be submitted to the Darien Lions Club by mid-April 2016

  Note: The nomination form can be downloaded, printed and submitted in either of the formats below:

                               - Microsoft Word Document .DOC                 - Printable Adobe .PDF

Nominations MUST include:

Who: Individual(s), group(s) or others who were impacted by the actions or work of the individual

What: The action(s), work, and effort that was achieved and/or is on-going in service to an individual, group, etc.

Where: The locale or locales in which the work effort was concentrated, specifically, a community, state, national or international site.

When: During what timeframe did this effort take place?  Was it a one-time occurrence or is the work part of a long-range effort, (over a number of years).

Results:  What were the outcomes of the humanitarian efforts; i.e., how many people were served through these efforts and did the work lead to an on-going effort to assist these people or did it lead to work with others?

Nominations MUST also include a brief biography of the nominee and contact information.

Nominations can be made by: Individuals: (People within any of the above mentioned communities) Service and Fraternal Organizations: (Rotary, Women’s Club, Kiwanis, etc.), City and Governmental Organizations: (City, County, Township etc.) Churches and Religious Organizations, School Districts, Other Community Organizations

Humanitarian of the Year will receive: Darien Lions Club Foundation Fellowship; a Large Brick in the Darien Lions Club Brick Patio at the Darien Community Park and a matching Brick for their own keeping.

Selection: All nominations must be completed using the attached nomination form and submitted to the selection committee no later than April 25, 2015.  The selection committee will be composed of the previous 5 Darien Lions “George Lazansky” Award winners. 

Award Process: Recognition will be given at special community recognition meeting in either May or June.


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