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Top Chef Competition 2012

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Our 2nd Annual Top Chef competition was held on Thursday, April 12th at the Darien Swim and Recreation Club. 

Top Chef is a Darien Lions Club membership cooking competition for the title of 'Top Chef'.   Sampling of entrant's taste creations takes place prior to the start of our business meeting.

Lion President - Lion Lloyd Hemaurer opened the business meeting by leading us in our 'Pledge of Allegiance', and by welcoming the membership.

Lion Galan is the defending Champion of 2011.

Last year Lion John served up a tasty delight that had a date in the center & wrapped with bacon, and cooked in a specialty mixture of barbeque sauce.  Mmmmmm.

Lion Ray thought the date was a rather wimpy touch , but I think the combination of taste and texture was great!

Well Done Lion John.

Before a Lions member can enter, you first have to get by the goons at the front door.

Just tell em "I dun no nuttin....see", then flash em some cash.

These guys love working for the club and are always willing to help.   .. and they're always smiling.

Lions Jim Simms & Julio Check Tail Twister - Lion Tony Eckert

Seriously though, the funds for this event is all paid by the members.  We have a dinner fee, a raffle, and contributions from previous raffles that go towards these special times. 

The first Top Chef entrant to be met was Lion Tom Weiland.

He served up his "Honey-Pepper Bacon Pops"

That's a thick-cut slice of bacon on wooden skewer and coated in a delicious barbeque sauce.

I think he's holding some mystical beer, or a concoction that's concealed under his special label.  Not sure if he's drinking it, or if that's part of his secret recipe.  Hmmm..

The next Top Chef entrant to be met was Lion Kooch.

He served up "Kooch's Nuclear Venison & Wild Boar Chili"

It had the right balance of rich and hearty ingredients and was sure Damn good!

There's no doubt his recipe has been honed over many years.

Third entrant was Lion Ray Krusinski.

"Chef Ramon's Baby Back Ribs" was his specialty of the evening.

Tasty baby ribs coated in a delicious barbeque sauce, and mouth watering!

Going further down the line is entrant Lion Jim Kiser.

His "Homemade Refreshing Salsa" was that - refreshing, and a bit of heaven too!

A mix of fresh tomatoes, peppers, onion, cilantro and lime dipped with crispy corn tortilla chips.  How can you go wrong.

My taste buds might have been a little biased on this one.  I was drinking Coronas with lime and Lion Jim's salsa had me going back and forth between the two.  They just complimented each other so well!

Our Club's Vice-President Lion Steve Hiatt had also joined the competition with his unique creation.

"Hiatt's Secret Recipe Guacamole with Chips" was his specialty entry.

A light tortilla chip that was decked with Steve's secret guacamole and topped with a slice of Jalapeno pepper.  It's flavor was just outta-sight!

Sorry for the lack of a good picture.  Lion Steve was handling other matters.

Young Man. Now give me that knife!

And finally., Lion John Galan.  He is the 1st Top Chef of the Darien Lions Club and defending Champion.

This year John served up a tasty tamale he calls: "Tamales de maso con maiz y chorizo envuelto en hojas de maiz"

No doubt he holds to a timed and traditional recipe, and the flavor is outta here!

Well I must say, I didn't realize how much the Lions meant it when they introduced me to our motto 'We Serve'.


And so, our 2012 Top Chef winner is:

Lion Tom Weiland
Winner of the Top Chef 2012 Award.

 "Congratulations Lion Tom!

He served up his "Honey-Pepper Bacon Pops" and they were delicious!

But, what's his secret?

Ah-haa!  Tom's three secret homemade spicy sauces.

  The BYOB Raffle offered some great prizes and was a great idea.

Also, during the night Lion Ray awarded prize money from a recent Darien Lions Club Foundation fundraiser - The Basketball Finals.
Yet another great idea. 



Some Lucky Lions won cash Lion Jim holds his fabulous prize



Lion Tony gets some cooking tips Lion Lenny  says: Here's To You Brother Lions

See you at next years competition!

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