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New Member & Sponsor Information




Fellow Lion & Prospective New Member,


First, our many thanks for seeking out a prospective member for the Darien Lions Club and your willingness to sponsor and guide them throughout the forthcoming year.  New, active members are the key in enabling us to continually enrich and energize our club. 


As you are aware, we seek new members all year round but have two new members Induction periods annually. The first starts in September with the Induction in early October and the second starting in January with the Induction at the end of April.


There are many events the Darien Lions are involved with.  Events are a great time to bring a prospective member to, meet our membership and learn a bit about Lionism and the services we provide Darien and beyond.  These events include Steak Fry, Darienfest, Candy Day, Halloween Party, Food Baskets, Bowling, Non*Smoker, Pancake Breakfast, Golf Outing and/or dinner/business meetings that the club holds.  Keep in mind, a prospective member gets one meal free.


If you are planning to sponsor a new member, the following steps need to be achieved:

Sponsor and prospective member are to review this packet and ask questions if needed.

Application can be filled out electronically, and then printed.  Applicant and sponsor must sign the
    membership  application and turn it into the Membership Chairman with a check for $120.00 (fall)
    or $60.00 (spring).  (application fee breakdown is on the fourth page)

The applicant needs to attend one meeting or activity.

The Lion sponsor must attend the September Board Meeting for the October Induction or any
    Board meeting before the April Induction.  The sponsor will present the applicant’s request for
    membership which needs Board approval.

The sponsor and applicant must attend the “Prospective Member Introduction to Lionism” session. 
    Time and location to be determined.

To complete the process, sponsor and prospective member need to attend the official New Member
    Induction Ceremony.

The new member is now a member of the Darien Lions Club and Darien Lions Club Foundation.  


If you have any questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


Click here to print a blank New Member Application 

Click here to print a New Member & Sponsor Packet 

The Darien Lions Club has a number of functions that it does throughout the year.  Besides having meetings, there are major and minor activities that take place.  Of course the most visible part of the work takes place the day of the event but it sometimes takes many hours of planning to pull the activity off.  The next several bullet points are some of the activities and committees that we do.  We also support financially various fundraisers and groups. 

Major Community Activities the Darien Lions host or participate in

4th of July Parade
*  Darien Fest (Food Tent)
*  Candy Day
*  Children’s Halloween Party
*  Christmas Food Baskets for the Needy
*  Pancake Breakfast
*  Big Raffle

Committees are the backbone of the Darien Lions Club, here are some

*  A committee for each activity above
*  Blood drive
Cub Scouts
*  Eye Glasses and more Recycling
*  Golf Outing
*  Scholarships
*  Special Needs

The Darien Lions Club support the following, plus many more

*  Beep Baseball
*  Campers to Camp Lions
*  Canine Companions for Independence
*  Food Pantries
*  Honor Flight
*  Lighthouse for the Blind
*  Peoples Resource Center
*  Scholarships
*  Seaspar Golden Eagles
*  SomeOne Special
*  VFW


To see what we have done and plan to do, check out our websites or Facebook page.

The Darien Lions Club is also part of two major Lions organizations.  Through this partnership, many people are able to receive benefits from the programs listed below.

Lions of Illinois Foundation Provides the Following Services

Camp Lions for Children
Camp Lions for Adults
Lions Low Vision Clinics
Chicago Lighthouse
College of Optometry
Spectrios Institute
Diabetic Eye Center
Mobile Diabetic Eye Clinic
Mobile Hearing Services Unit
Infant Hearing Screenings
Cochlear Implant Program
Used Hearing Aid Bank
Used Eyeglasses/Hearing Aid Collection
Social Services and Referrals
Lions of Illinois Funds for Emergency
OSHA Compliance Hearing Screening Services


Lions Clubs International and Lions Clubs International Foundation

Children and Youth
Community Outreach
Disaster Relief
Global Outreach


Sponsors * It is very important that you assist the new member throughout the first year.  Make sure the new member knows when meetings and activities are taking place.  Don’t assume, make a call or send an email.  Active new members are the future of our Club.  Given the broad number of community activities that the DLC serves and volunteers for, we need the support of every member to assist in all these activities to the best of their abilities. It would be great if all members could attend every function and meeting.


All members * Understanding that family/job responsibilities do come first; we do ask a minimum attendance as a target goal.  The minimal expectations for Active Member participation, beyond the importance of paying the annual dues on a timely basis, can be found under Policy 26 in the Membership Directory.  In brief, to be in good standing, a member needs to attend at least 3 major functions and 6 meetings.


 Frequently Asked Questions:

What to expect each year:

Club Dues are $120.00 for membership and are to be paid by October 1st of each year.  The dues breakdown is as follows; $43 for LCI, $11.30 to Lions of Illinois, $6.00 to 1J and the balance to DLC.

When attending a meeting or function, it is important to sign in.

Throughout the course of the year, you will receive evite invitations to dinners or events.  It is only curtesy to reply whether you are coming or not.  If you reply that you are coming and no show, you will be billed.  The DLC had to pay for you.

Throughout the year the DLC will send out work assignments.  Everyone is needed so please notify the Chairman if you cannot do the assignment that is being asked of you.

You may be sent tickets to sell or buy.  If you cannot turn them in sold, please return them ASAP.  These fundraisers give the DLC the ability to assist those in need.

To ensure the DLC grows with quality members, a member can only induct a new member once a year and after one year’s membership.

Each year LCI President has a theme.  This year’s theme is Dignity, Harmony, and Humanity as noted in the pin above.


What makes up a new members first year $120 induction fee?

* $43 goes to Lions International, $11.30 to State dues & $6 to District 1J (fall full, spring is half)

* $25 is charged by Lions International for a new member’s registration and initiation

* $80 goes towards providing a new member their vest and name tag.

* Currently, the Club subsidizes the cost of the vest and name tag.

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